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Sealey Tools BOOST180 Starter/Charger 180/40 12/24V 230V




  • Combination unit capable of both charging batteries and providing boost power to help start vehicles with flat batteries.
  • Model features dual power output easy to read ammeter and illuminated power switch.
  • Circuitry is protected by a panel mounted fuse.
  • Dual output (12/24V).


Model No: BOOST180
Rated Charging Current: 36A
Maximum Charging Current (Boost): 40A
Output Start Peak(EN): 180A(120A)
Charge Capacity: 30-400Ah
Volts Output: 12/24V
Volts Input: 230V
Watts Input: 1200W
Polarity Protection: Fuse (1 x 110A)
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