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Sealey Tools CHARGE107 Battery Charger 11 12/24V 230V




  • Supplied in steel case with carry handle this single phase charger features plenty of ventilation to help maintain low transformer temperatures.
  • A large ammeter displays rate of charge and a dash-mounted fuse provides polarity protection in the event that clips are connected incorrectly.
  • Rocker switches control variable output to the battery to maintain peak condition.
  • Suitable for regular and low maintenance batteries.
  • Supplied with 2200mm length output cables with heavy-duty crocodile clips and is fitted with ASTA/BS approved non-rewirable 3-pin safety plug.


Model No: CHARGE107
Rated Charging Current: 7A
Maximum Charging Current (Boost): 11A
Charging Capacity: 20-105Ah
Volts Output: 12/24V
Volts Input: 230V
Watts Input: 150W
Charging Rates: 2
Polarity Protection: Fuse (1 x 15A)
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