Electronic Diagnostics » Sealey Tools VS2131 Noid Light/IAC Test Set 11pc

Sealey Tools VS2131 Noid Light/IAC Test Set 11pc


Locate and isolate ECU signal faults fast.

  • Noid and idle air control valve indicator lights test for control signal from ECU.
  • Simply disconnect harness and plug in appropriate light to see if the component is being fed a trigger signal.
  • Set includes 1.3mtr fibre optic cable to allow light to be viewed from the driver's seat.
  • Simple to use and has a wide vehicle application.


    Model No: VS2131
    Noid Light Applications: GM TBI GM SCPI GM FPI GM MULTEC 2 Bosch 2 Bosch PFI Ford TBI Geo TBI
    IAC Light Applications: GM 700 TBI/FPI with flat or square 4-pin connectors



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