BTN Turbo shares expertise with Comma Oil.

BTN Turbo, the world’s largest independent turbo distributor, is working with Comma to make valuable industry knowledge freely available to factors, technicians and motorists.

With nearly 40 years as a leading supplier of turbos for cars, LCVs and heavy commercials, BTN Turbo has amassed an unsurpassed resource of turbocharger wisdom. By linking with top automotive lubricant and fluid manufacturer Comma, BTN Turbo aims to spread this knowledge and advice throughout the aftermarket.

The companies have united to produce a range of support materials packed with useful data and essential advice. It’s information that can save factors and technicians time, expense and hassle, and help improve their service to customers.

BTN’s tie-in with Comma is highly appropriate; both companies are committed to providing excellence in product performance and exceptional customer service. And quality oil products, such as those from Comma, are vital to turbochargers. With over 90% of turbocharger failures being oil related, both companies are keen to help factors and technicians make the right choices and ensure trouble-free installation and performance.

BTN Turbo provides all this information and much more on its website at, with a free online turbo training microsite at Comma is equally committed to providing expert advice, via its website at and through its sponsorship of the industry-wide Top Technician UK competition.