SGS Welding Gas

Rent-free welding gas
We supply gas cylinders rent free, only a deposit is taken.  The deposit is fully refunded once the SGS unit has been returned.
Keep the cylinder for as long as you wish and you will not be charged any other cost, simply return your bottle when empty and we will refund your deposit.
CO2/argon mix – pure argon – oxygen – nitrogen
R134A refrigerant gas (compliance certification is required for purchase)
Pro Fuel CO2/argon mix -SGS gas stock 10L, 20L refillable bottles of both
5% CO2/argon mix and 15% CO2/argon mix.
SGS CO2/ argon mix  5% ideal for car, bodywork, and steel approx 6mm.
SGS Nitrogen, used for pressure test automotive air conditioning systems. (A legal requirement since the mid 2010 due to environment legislation).
SGS pure argon for TIG welding we have 10L, 20L bottles of pure argon available.
SGS Oxygen available in 10L, 20L refillable bottles.  These industrial grade cylinders are perfect for use with acetylene or the newer Pro Fuel
SGS Pro Fuel, a new SGS product which replaces Acetylene and burns at a similar temperature.
Pro Fuel can be used for gas welding, cutting, heating or brazing. Acetylene primary flames reach 3100°C, Pro Fuel is lower at 2950°C, compared to propane at 2600°C.
The Profuel secondary flame burns twice as hot as acetylene and is a much safer gas to use.
Please contact your local branch for full details.